Treats (S)


  • Jerkies, biscuits, training treats etc.
  • All natural ingredients; All made in USA
  • Maximum quantity is 10

Edible Chews (S)


  • Long lasting, hard chews like bully sticks, dental chews.
  • Watch your dog closely to prevent choking and blockage
  • Maximum quantity is 3

Non-Plush Toys (S)


  • Toys made of latex, rubber, nylon, or other non-plush materials
  • Harder to destroy; NOT to be digested
  • Maximum quantity is 7

Regular Plush Toys (S)


  • You can specify with or without squeaker
  • Some designs even come with treat dispensers
  • Maximum quantity is 4

Tougher Plush Toys (S)


  • Made with double-layered or tougher fabric like canvas
  • Warning: Not recommended for power chewers. They can still be easily destroyed no matter how tough the materials are
  • Maximum quantity is 2

Bandana (S)


  • Our bandana slips on the collar so dogs can't remove it
  • Does NOT tie. Collar goes through top of the bandana
  • Maximum quantity is 4